Guided Bone Regeneration - a 30-year Biological and Clinical Journey in Ridge Augmentation to Ensure Stable and Esthetic Implant Results

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172-00-1) Often implants are placed into deficient bone. What is the main difference between Fenestration and Dehiscence bone defect?

172-00-4) When is the "Sausage technique" advised?

249-00-1) Which of the following statements is true regarding the Alveolar Ridge Resorption?

249-00-2) Below are mentioned the characteristics of the Thin Biotype of the alveolar ridge, which one is the exception?

287-00-2) Below some possible complications with GBR treatment are mentioned. Which of them is the one that could happen more frequently?

287-00-3) Which of the following criteria is NOT true regarding a Class I complication (small membrane exposure without purulent exudate)?

289-00-3) According to the ITI Treatment Guidelines (2013) for immediate implant placement after tooth extraction (type 1) the following clinical conditions should be satisfied. Which one is not correct?

289-00-4) Which is the main characteristic of Type 2 implant placement?

290-00-1) Select a secondary objective of implant therapy.

295-00-1) What are the indications of the d-PTFE membrane in Guided Bone Regeneration(GBR) in implant dentistry?

295-00-4) The preliminary results of the presented study about using the fixation suture with d-PTFE titanium reinforced membranes shows;

300-00-1) What are the two ways ridge augmentation can be performed?

300-00-2) What is the first step for ridge augmentation?

300-00-3) Why is It important for treating horizontal bone defects?

321-00-4) What does it mean "Surgical approach on One Stage", when we are talking about GBR procedures on posterior atrophic jaw? It means...

321-00-5) What is the importance of doing a surgical approach of one stage at the posterior atrophic jaw? Because...

322-00-3) How much time it is suggested to wait until the membrane be removed after the GBR procedure and why?

322-00-5) The GBR guidelines about the sealing and membrane fixation for adequate blood clot stability, state that:

323-00-1) The main reason a passive flap closure is not achieved is because of:

323-00-4) How to achieve the brushing movement technique?

324-00-1) Short dental implants should not be used because

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